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We simplify and accelerate the development of lightweight electric vehicles with Pacer

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We develop custom software for your products.

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We develop custome electronic components according to your requirements.

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We conceptualize solutions for the mobility needs of your industry.

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Electrify Products

Your product can be electrified and upgraded with our standard Pacer kits.

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Develop Prototypes

Growing your idea to a physical and working protoype.

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Produce Prototypes

Turning your specs, designs and sketches into a physical prototype.

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How can we help with Pacer?

Software Development

Our Pacer software development kits empower us to connect your products, equip them with sensors and interconnect them via our cloud system.

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Electronics Development

Faraday Motion offers development solutions for your custom electronics needs. Our components are customizable and can meet your criterea.

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Design & Conceptualization

Our industrial designers provide conceptualization services for developing the form factor and design for lighweight electric vehicles that fit your industry, niche or vertical.

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Electrify Exisitng Products

With Pacer we will be able to assist you in electrifying your product. We already have retrofittable kits for electrifying skateboards, bikes and scooters.

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Develop New Vehicle Prototypes

With our development platform we develop prototypes in record times. Our framework comes with out of the box functionality so we focus on developing new features rather than spending development time on trivial things.

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Prototype Production

We possess professional tooling that enable us to produce prototypes at staggering speeds.

  • Desktop 3D Printers
  • Industrial Size 3D Printer
  • Industrial Size CNC Machine
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