Order & Build Your Faraday Motion Spine

The Ultimate DIY Electric Skateboard

The Spine will be replaced by The New Hyperboard.

The Hyperboard


km/hour Top Speed


km range pr. charge





Print & Assemble

We ship you the deck, the wheels, a battery and electronics. You get to enjoy 3D printing the Spine Box and assembling the board.

499,00 €

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We ship you the 3D Printed parts, the deck, the wheels, a battery and electronics. All you have to do is put it assemble it and get it on the road.

599,00 €

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Ready to Go

We 3D Print the Spine box and assemble it for you. You get an assembled Spine at your door. Turn it on and hit the streets.

699,00 €

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Make Your Own Electric Skateboard

The Spine is built with Modular Units, open CC license & is fully documented. Everything can be customized and upgraded to suit your needs.


3D Printed Parts

3D Print the parts for your own open-source Electric Skateboard, or let us print for you. Printable in PLA and Ninja flex material from any desktop 3D Printer.


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