Meetup in Berlin – July 15, 2017


Hey folks!

For those of you who are based in, or can visit Berlin we invite you to an electric skateboard meetup at Tempelhof in Berlin.

Event Description: is organizing a meetup for people who own or want to try an electric skateboard.

buy provera 5mg Date: July 15, 2017

Time: 02:00 pm

Place: Tempelhof, Berlin

More details:


If you want to get an impression on how it is to drive at Tempelhof check out one of our videos.


With this post I would also like to thank the guys from E-Boarder for covering the Hyperboard in one of their posts.

Thank you guys!

Monthly Updates (May): The New Hyperboard Prototype


(c) K.I.T. Group GmbH | Dennis Wartenberg

Alright guys, this time I am really late with the monthly update. However, as you can see from the image above, I have many things to showcase and talk about.

In this update I will tell you guys how the development of the new Hyperboard is going (juicy info). I will explain how come Steve Wozniak ‘photobombed’ the Hyperboard. There’s also something cool I want to share with you in terms of software, it’s called Pacer. I will also tell you about Robin, who’s modifying his Spine in a pretty badass way. Let’s dig in.

Just to make your curiosity suffer a bit more, I will start of by announcing some cities where you will be able to meet us during the next two months.

1. Meet Us at Conferences and Events

We will be participating at quite a few events this summer. Take a look at our schedule to find out where you can meet us.

June 2017
IoT Tech Expo: June 1st-2nd (Berlin)

Pioneers Festival:  June 1st (Vienna)

Movin On:  June 13th – 15th (Montreal)

Corporate Venturing Forum: June 29th (Berlin)

July 2017

ConCarExpo: July 5th-6th (Berlin)

Tech Open Air: July 12-14th (Berlin)

Feel free to come by and check out our booth and test track (if there is one).


2. Pacer – A new thingy dingy for developing lightweight electric vehicles


As some of you know I was working on refactoring our Arduino code that is running on our current Spines and Hyperboards. Well besides the fact that I have refactored Sune’s code, I started developing something I call Pacer.

Just as the tag line says it, Pacer is a framework that enables makers and manufacturers to build and/or prototype lightweight electric vehicles with out of the box functionality.

In it’s first version Pacer will support several wireless connections: Wi-fi, BlueTooth and RF24. It will support two controller types: smart phone (iOS & Android) and a Faraday Motion designed controller that will communicate through the nRF24 transceivers. I also implemented Websockets communication.

Pacer will come with out of the box two way communication between the vehicle and the controller and/or the phone or computer. We already are talking to the motor controller and are getting information about the motors and battery.


The coolest part is that all of this functionality is still fitting on the NodeMCU ESP8266 that we have. This means good news for the Spine owners. You will be able to upgrade once we finish the thorough tests.

The plan is to port Pacer to ESP32 as that one has built in BlueTooth among other benefits over ESP8266.

I am still working on the source code but soon I will be publishing it on GitHub so the developers among you can check it out and maybe even contribute.

Hope this excites you as much as me :).

You can read more detailed and updated information here and here.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mentioned that the new Hyperboard will be running Pacer.


3. The Hyperboard Development

I bet quite a few of you readers scrolled down here to see the latests Hyperboard. Well here you have it the very first prototype of the new Hyperboard.

Enjoy our brief build log of the Hyperboard.


Note: We upload development updates on our forum more often then on social media or the blog. Make sure to follow the Hyperboard development thread.

3. Robin is upgrading his Spine!

Yep, Robin from Finland has embarked on a mission to upgrade his Spine. I will just tease you with one picture here and let you follow his build thread on our forum:


4. Oh yeah, Steve Wozniak…

So I guess some of you are curious how we got the chance to showcase the Hyperboard to Steve Wozniak. It all happened at the Berlin CUBE Tech Fair earlier this month. He was invited to speak at the conference and as he always does, he requested to meet several cool startups that were participating.

It was a great pleasure for us to be among the selected. We’ve spent about 30 minutes in small Q&A session with Steve and got to pick his brain.

Disclaimer: Steve Wozniak in no way has endorsed or promoted the new Hyperboard. But he did say that it looks interesting 🙂





Oh dang, yet again I am a few days late. This month we do have quite a bit to showcase though!

Let’s dig right into it.

1. We have a forum!


Many of you guys have been asking us for a place where you could communicate among yourselves and also have the chance to participate in the development of The Hyperboard. I took some time to research what the best forum platform would be for us and stumbled upon Flarum. It’s a PHP and Mithril.js based forum that is open source with a fast growing community.

The reason I decided to adopt this platform is that it’s super easy and fast to develop extensions for it. In fact the first thing I did after installing Flarum was to develop an extension for oAuth2 authentication. From now on we will be having a centralized authentication system which means one account for all the upcoming Faraday Motion web and mobile apps. Whoop whoop!

Some of you have already been quite active on the forum and we are really excited to hear more from you. Sune and I have taken some time to write up a few posts about our current developments so that you will have a better overview on what we are working on. We want to be as transparent as we can!

Here’s a list of the most popular posts on the forum that you can already participate in:

2. Moving ahead with The Hyperboard Development

So in February we have been accelerating the development of The Hyperboard. One of the main focus points is the design of the deck. As you might have noticed Sune has built a bad ass open source CNC machine and we are using it to produce some real size prototypes of the deck design. See a picture below and watch it in action here.


We don’t limit ourselves to the CNC machine, though. Our good old Ultimakers are working hard in the cold bunker printing one of the designs. Having the deck printed like this helps us with the design of the modular enclosures for the electronic components. Check out the sections below.


3. The Motor Setup

The motor setup is quite a burning topic for us now. We are sort of in between hub motors and belt setup. The problem is that both options have their downsides. The hub motors are imposing restrictions of the wheels size while the belt setup requires handling the belt tensioning. Sune came up with a potential solution of using the existing motors but with a differential rather than belts. You can read and follow up on our decision on this forum post: What type of motors should we use? Hub vs. Belt Driven vs. Differential. In the post there’s also a video of some animations showing a variation of the trucks that we had in our mind.



4. We had a Hacked Nunchuk. Soon we will have a custom Faraday Motion Controller

So there are these two cool guys from Germany, who voluntarily took on the challenge to develop a custom controller for The Hyperboard. I have mentioned them in the previous monthly update, and now they have more news and more to show.

The full blown post is available here:  Nunchuk controller for Spine with telemetry display.

Here are some demo videos of their accomplishments.

Please do take a minute to react to their post. These guys have put a huge amount of effort into developing this for all of us!

You guys rock!

5. Modular components

Yep. Sune has created a simple rail system that will kick off the development of our modular components enclosure. There’s a topic on the forum that also includes a video animating the mounting of the components: Modular Rails and Electronics System.

Do you notice how I am prompting you to click through the the forum? We would really love to see your involvement there 🙂 . 


6. We are in Full Fund Raising Mode

Our efforts in getting an investment have started to pay off. This week we are have a couple of meetings with some VC representatives who will get to live the bunker experience! Once funded we will scale the team and go into light speed development mode of The Hyperboard.

So if you are or you know a rock start business angel now is the time to reach out to us. Click the link below to get to our pitch deck.


Download The Investor Deck

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Dang! This time I am a few days late. Let’s see if I can get back to speed next month.

So January was quite a month for us. We focused on the investor deck, attended events in Munich and even built a badass tool for the new Hyperboard project.

1. We are building our own tools

Most of you know that we are always keen on building and making cool things. Well Sune started off the month of January by picking up on this open source CNC machine project. It took a couple of evenings for Sune to get this thing to move. Now we are really close to finishing it off. We just got some new and more powerful step motors and are ready to make stuff.

Sune started building this as it can serve multiple purposes. It’s astonishing to realize how easy and cheap it is to create your own micro factory. We are especially interested in using the machine for 3D printing and cutting in wood or other soft materials. As you know we are reiterating the Hyperboard and we want to have our own deck instead of the Onda. Well here’s a hint for you on why we need a 3D printer bed that is almost 1m x 1m in size.

2. Traveling to Munich for Pioneers and a Bunch of Test Drives

Yep, yet again there were events that took us away from Berlin. It was almost a week out of the office for us.

On day 1 we went to the ISPO fair, where we had the chance to learn and test other products that are out there. The guys from Mellow boards were there too, and we had a blast speeding through the crowd on their boards. They have some badass wheels coming up. On a side note, we got a few ideas for our own implementation of the wheels. The highlight or the big discovery for us was a guy we met from Switzerland that is making feather lightweight custom decks. I personally was really shocked and can’t wait to get him and his decks closer to our reiteration of the Hyperboard. Hm… yet another hint, I guess.

Day 2 was a buffer day and we decided that we should not waste time and headed off to a electric mobility retail store. We were really amazed to learn that we could rent some of those beasts. We tried 4 cool, and instead of me describing it, here’s a video summarizing our impressions.


Day 3 was meant for the Pioneers conference where we met some cool startups that are tackling interesting aspects of mobility. Was also cool to see quite a few startups that we already talked to.

3. Reiteration of The Hyperboard

I think it is fair to shade some light on the works that are being done on the Hyperboard. Martin is pushing hard to make our cool suspension upgrade. Last time I checked he was finished with the 3D printed prototypes and started making an aluminium one that we can stand on. Can’t wait to ride that one. Hint number 3, I presume.

Sune is pushing manufacturers for quotes and design requirements as well as building bad ass huge CNC machines.

On my side I have been working a bit on the code base. Would love to be able to say more about it, but unfortunately most of my time was consumed for the creation of the investor deck.

On the bright side there is a guy called Lluis who actually took over our code and started building a custom controller for the Hyperboard. He made a post on the makerspace where you can see more details about it. He won our respect by putting the Faraday Motion logo on the screen.

4. We are officially looking for a Seed Investment

Ok now for the great reveal. As some of you have heard in the video update we did a few weeks ago, we were working hard on our investor deck and roadmap for the upcoming 3 years. It was a tremendous amount of work. Sune was crunching numbers and I was putting up the road map alongside. Now we are at a confident stage and can finally start fundraising.

Because we love you guys so much and maybe you also have rich uncles we decided to make it available to everyone. Truly though, we would appreciate if you guys could look through it and give us some feedback or even let us know what you think of our road map and the next steps.

Download The Investor Deck

5. Next Steps

I think this pretty much sums up the month of January for us. We are really happy that we are through with the road map and can really focus on the technology.

Here are some of our next low hanging fruits:

1. Finish the code refactoring
2. Clear up our official site and make it more clear on what you can expect
3. Launch back the forums
4. Fund raising

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Monthly Updates (December): Prepping for 2017

Well, I am happy to see that I stayed true to myself and am writing the second monthly update. Let’s get to it.

The last month of the year finally gave us some breathing space for moving the development of our technology. Thus this post will be a bit more technical than the previous one. There’s also a great piece of news regarding the Faraday Motion family.

1. VESC – Two Way Communication

The task of implementing back and forth communication with the VESC has been floating in the backlog for quite a few months. However when we saw that Benjamin had published a git repository for this exact purpose,  we decided it’s time. So I took onto the challenge to implement the new VESC repository into our Arduino code.

The task was more challenging than I initially thought. However after a weekend and a half of reading through the VESC BLDC code and many attempts I finally was able to make the VESC pass data through UART. Hurray! Now we can read stats about the motor controller and even reconfigure it.

Our plan is to start enhancing the functionality of our mobile phone application by letting the user and developers interact with the motor controllers. My code was not released yet as it is just a proof of concept for now and requires some structuring. Some big updates are coming up in terms of our source code. You can read more about that in the “Next steps” section.

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2. Custom Faraday Motion Controller

Yes! While I was working on implementing two way communication, Sune was challenged to develop the code for our own custom (Nunchuk like) hand held controller. This decision was taken since we and our customers have been experiencing connection problems with the off shelf Nunchuck controllers.

For this case Sune decided to use two Teensy boards and two NRF2401L+ modules. One set on the receiving end and one on the transmitting end. To ensure non disruptive communication, Sune made the receiver and transmitter scan the environment for radio channels with least clutter and change the channels on the go. The user will never notice that the transmitter and receiver are changing channels as it happens instantly, even while driving.

Currently we are benchmark testing the protocol and the hardware and thus for security reasons did not release the code yet. But as I mentioned above we are expecting a major release for our source code.



When Martin heard of the new controller development he quickly prototyped and 3D printed an enclosure for it (above photo). Tell us what you think or drop us a line with some design ideas of how the perfect hand held controller should look and feel.


3. Faraday Motion is Organically Growing

Besides all the tech savvy news we have another one. The Pedersen and the Faraday Motion family has a new member. Olivia is our newest addition to the “clan” and it excites all of us. We are already preparing new weekend projects such as an electric trolley, an electric four wheel driven toy car and many more. We all warmly congratulate Sune!


4. Next Steps

Our main focus remains to be on preparing the Hyperboard for production and the launch. We will continue the development of the above mentioned updates. Also I will start refactoring our source code in order to make it a bit more modular so that developers can pick up what we made and re-use it in their own projects.

January seems to be a busy month and we will have to push hard.

Stay tune and keep on moving!


P.S. I am still trying to find some time to revive our YouTube channel. If you know anybody who is good at video recording and editing drop me a line. It will be much appreciated.


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Monthly Updates (November): Demo Day at SBC



Here’s one small initiative of mine to keep you guys updated with the monthly developments at Faraday Motion.

In these posts I will be touching on the news and learnings of the past months and the plans for the upcoming months.

So here we go!


1. Startupbootcamp Demo Day


On November 24, we proudly gained the title of an “SBC alumni”. As you may know we were part of a 3 months accelerator program. This period was hectic but it had an amazing ending. We used the time to refine our operations, work on our development roadmap and open our seed investment round.

Now that the program is finished, we have the time to resume development and maybe even catch up with our YouTube channel. We really miss filming the boards. We are still residing in Berlin at Rainmaking Loft. Don’t hesitate to come by and visit us for a coffee and possibly a drive!

2. The Hyperboard


We’ve been in contact with some of you and did some research that influenced our approach to developing and releasing the Hyperboard. The team is crazy proud to announce that the Hyperboard will be released to the market in two versions: a community version and a consumer version.

The community version will be open sourced and act as a development platform. It will come out in the form of a hardware kit. We will be inviting designers, engineers and developers to play around with our code base and hardware.

The consumer version is going to be a fully assembled, ready to go Hyperboard, that can be upgraded with hardware and software extensions. We are still to announce those ones. So stay tuned.


3. 1000+ Early Birds


You guys have been amazing! There’s more than 1000 of us who have signed up for the release of the Hyperboard early next year. Seeing your support and passion for the future of personal mobility makes us push harder every day.

Thank you!

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4. VESC Motor Controllers



There was a hiccup in our motor controller manufacturing process. There were a few customers who had to wait for way too long to get their motor controllers. We are sorry for that and we hope that we’ve sweetened them with the candy we shipped together with their VESC controllers.

But there’s a bright side! We finally figured out all the logistics and quality assurance issues. This week we received our 50 VESCs and are shipping on the same day of purchase (as long as the post office is open). Our motor controllers are produced in Denmark by a company with tremendous experience in electric engineering and manufacturing.

So if you want to get your hands on a VESC, we’ve got you covered!

5. The Next Steps


Oh, wow… I am not even sure where to start. Let’s start with the Hyperboard.

It’s a secret, but I will let you in on this one. We are actually trying to iterate the design of the Hyperboard. When I say design, I mean the looks but also some cool tech improvements.

Let me just say that we have our dear Martin working on some cool trucks. I will be refactoring the entire code base and Sune is looking into some new ways of controlling the board.


6. Let’s sum up.


There are 1000+ people who are as eager as us to see the Hyperboard in the wild. We’ve stayed true to our open philosophy and are releasing the Hyperboard in two versions. And finally we are working on upgrading the Hyperboard to a whole new level.

Hope this intrigues you a bit!

Got an idea or opinion? Drop us a line we love hearing from you!


Why Did Faraday Motion Move to Berlin? What’s Next?


So we are in Berlin!

Yep! In August 2016 the entire Faraday Motion team has relocated from Copenhagen to Berlin. The reason for that was that we were selected to participate in the Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy accelerator program.

Since then we are all exclusively focused on Faraday Motion and the release of The Hyperboard (more about that below). We are all quite fond of Berlin and especially Tempelhof. For those of you who don’t know it, Tempelhof is an airfield in the center of Berlin which is open for the public. It’s the best test track we could have ever dreamed of.

We are living the dream and here’s the proof!

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What is it like to be at SBC?

Bear with me as this is going to be a very honest overview of our experience.

We came into the program being very confident in our plan of pursue. However, after a very honest business model feedback round, it was immediately clear that we had to regroup and refocus. All we required for that was a little bit of time for ourselves. How hard can it be, right?

Well as soon as we assimilated the feedback from the business model workshop, the mentor rotations started. Mentor rotations is this great process of meeting SBC mentors and partners with a great variety of expertise and experience. For two weeks you get up to five 30-minute meetings with these mentors. It caused even more chaos and our roadmap never seemed so branched and complex.

Now that we look back, we find that SBC is the best thing that could have happened to us. We realized that by taking time and effort to get through the abundance of feedback we got to where we are in the fastest possible manner.

Now we know exactly what’s coming next!

The SBC team asked us to do periodic confessions of our experiences. I suggest you check out the playlist below.

What’s next?

The closest big thing that is about to happen is the SBC Demo Day. It will happen on the 24th.  Get your free tickets here!




The next big thing is surely the launch of the The Hyperboard!  That is our main focus that is very visible to our community. What you do not see is that we are actually iterating The Hyperboard’s design. For that we are also thinking of holding a cad design contest. More about that in the near future.

We missed talking to you guys! We are back and we are excited for what is next!

Faraday Motion Team


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REVEALING: The Faraday Online Makerspace!

Today is the birthday of the Hyperboard R2 – as it was born exactly 1 year ago! We are celebrating that by revealing something we have been wanting to share with you guys for some time:

We have created an Online Makerspace for all Faraday Makers to share and work together on Upgrades and related Pet Projects!

Skærmbillede 2016-04-05 kl. 19.19.55

We are so excited to share this beta version of our new Online Makerspace!

More Makers in the Making
The point is for all Faraday Makers to inspire each other, get valuable feedback, work together and share their amazing results! This is definitely a step towards our goal to Make more Makers.

Share your idea – Get involved – Make it happen – Showcase all the cool stuff you have been Making in collaboration with other makers!

Go To The Faraday Online Makerspace Now!

This is only the beginning, but there is more to come. So far, you can create your profile in a simple step, start your own projects and interact with other cool projects.

We have a lot of cool features and integrations in mind, but we would love to hear from you what you would like there to be in the Online Makerspace!

Please let us know by email: GetMoving!

We look so much forward to start engaging with all your cool ideas and projects out there!

A lot of Maker love,
Team Faraday Motion

Webshop ready in 3… 2… 1…

Among all the high fives and the awesome experiences, we have recently also had some bugs on a few upgrades and near-accidents in the past week. Whew! So close. We are working hard in order to return to the streets. And now our soon-to-be-released webshop can get you moving even faster! Read more

We Would Love to Hear From You